Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carnival Whisper

Being Italian I grew up with the tradition of the Carnival. Every Year, as kids, we dressed up as various characters which have their origins in La Commedia dell'Arte (The Commedy of Art), an improvisational form of theatre that began in Italy in the 16th century.
Each of these characters has a unique costume and personality like the mischievous Arlecchino(Harlequin), or his clever girlfriend Colombina,The lazy Pulcinella and so on...
Stylist Sinead Flanagan went about creating these characters under the guise of Spring/Summer 09.

Model: Iseult @ Morgan The Agency
Also Starring: Dexter as Harlequin's companion
Styling: Sinead Flanagan
Make-Up:Sarah Jane Wai O'Flynn
Hair:Neil Gogoi
Shot on location at La catedral Studios,Dublin

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